Why Adding a Commercial Phone Charging Station to a Retail Space can Improve Your Bottom Line

If you are a commercial builder that designs shopping centers, strip malls, and large big box stores, then you know full well that everything from the floorplan to the paint color on the interior walls is designed to reflect branding, and increase sales. And if you are a member of the C-suite or a regional manager responsible for investing in marketing or other ventures that will improve bottom line reporting, then people in thee roles and similar positions need to stop and think about adding a commercial phone charging station to retail spaces to help stimulate business growth. This article is intended to help builders, retail managers, and business owners learn about multi-device phone charging stations and how they add to a company’s ability to grow their profits. 

A Phone Charging Station Increases Foot Traffic

Any retail manager and business owner knows one thing extremely well: the more foot traffic that comes through your doors, the higher your sales are. According to a Quora Report, more than 92 percent of business that added a multi-device phone charging station or cell phone charging lockers for an increase in customers by more than 60 percent, and an increase in sales by more than 42 percent. Think about it: people are obsessed with their mobile phones, and when the battery run lows they manic and head to their car to charge it up, or they head home. By having a phone charging station in your store you give shoppers a place to fuel up their iPhones, Androids and tablets. And what are these people going to do while the devices charge? They are going to browse your aisles and engage with your products, thus leading to a sales increase, In fact, more than 20 percent of buyers admitted to making purchases due to sheer obligation because they used a complimentary phone charging station. 

Investing in a commercial phone charging station, whether it is a wall mounted charging station, cell phone charging lockers, or a cell phone charging table, you will likely get an ROI within your first year and already pay off the investment. 

Custom Marketing Solutions and a Cell Phone Charging Station are One in the Same

The best cell phone charging station company can design any model style, with custom software that runs money-making marketing strategies. We already talked about how people will browse your products while they wait for their phones to charge, but roughly 38 percent of people will stay with their phones while they charge. For thees people you can run interactive software that collects data on your buyers such as age range, gender, household income, family status, job title, education level, hobbies, and other personal details that can help you improve audience targeting in your next round of marketing material. This software can also display “deals of the day”, and help boost sales while providing a better customer experience by providing the convenience of charging a phone, laptop or tablet.