Advances In Liposculpture

The desire to have a toned body according to the standards of beauty has always been a constant concern among society. There have been thousands of products on the market that help you get the results you want, but many of them are just scams so people opt for exercise. The point is that sometimes not even with exercise can we eliminate certain areas of fat that are in the body, is there when cosmetic surgery appears, to provide people with a technique that allows them to obtain results fast and effective, achieving an improvement in the body contour. One of the most popular and recommended methods for this type of people is liposculpture/ liposculpture tijuana.

What is this treatment about?

Is a surgical procedure that basically consists of two things, this according to the individual, in the removal of fat from a certain area or in positioning the excess fat to those places where it is required, in order to make the body look more attractive. To perform this surgery, the doctor uses a cannula that will break the adipocytes and then be suctioned by a device that is connected to the cannula. But thanks to recent research and innovative technology, there are techniques performed by ultrasound or laser.

Ultrasonic liposculpture and lipolaser

The objective is the same, the elimination or positioning of fat in areas of the body, such as hips, abdomen, gluteus, jowls, arms, etc… The detail here is that in areas with poor elasticity is not recommended at all traditional treatment, but the laser is used to treat these areas such as the face.

For both laser and ultrasound, it is a technique that uses a thermal effect that will help dissolve fat accumulations while stimulating collagen formation and improving blood circulation due to the heat provided by the device. Traditional liposculpture may be accompanied by these methods to improve the appearance of the skin, but of course, this depends on the surgeon and the evaluation made prior to treatment. After the procedure, the laser is used on the surface of the skin to improve collagen and to retract the skin. Thanks to these two benefits, it can be used in cases where the person has skin flaccidity.

Some benefits of this procedure are:

  • Fat removal.
  • Improved health due to fat reduction.
  • The appearance of smooth skin in the area where the liposculpture took place.
  • Toned sculpture.
  • The recovery period is fast.

On the other side, there are drawbacks

  • The skin may suffer some type of injury such as hematomas.

And if the treatment is not carried out professionally, the person may suffer from infections or nerve damage, so it is recommended that you always seek a certified surgeon who has already performed this type of procedure. Although it is a method that helps us eliminate fat from the body, it does not mean that it ensures that the fat will not reappear, it is super important that the individual has a healthy and balanced diet and exercise constantly, this will help the treatment lasts much longer.