How Post-Production Managers Search for the Best ADR Studios in Burbank

Finding high-quality ADR and voiceover recording services in Burbank is a crucial task for post-production managers. There are so many factors that need to be just right. From ADR studios conveniently located near the big film and TV studios in Burbank, California to voiceover studios with the best mics, if you partner with a the best ADR studios in Burbank that offer top-of-the-line equipment and comfortable facilities for actors, directors, and other crew members, your project will run smoothly without any complications. Here are some tips taken from various studio personnel who shared what matters the most when trying to locate ideal ADR studios in Burbank.

The Best ADR Studios in Burbank are Comfortable and Modern

It may not seem like an important item, but comfort has a great impact on the quality of your voiceover recording project. If actors and your crew members aren’t comfortable, the overall quality of the performance will suffer. Actors need comfortable accommodations to be able to perform flawlessly. Having clean facilities is just part of it. The decor should be modern, and fringe benefits should be plentiful, such as direct access to food and beverages, a clean restroom with added benefits, and really be a space where people feel relaxed and inspired.

Top ADR Studios in Burbank have the Best Mics

It goes without saying that top ADR studios in Burbank will have the best selection of mics. The Neumann U87 is a mic any reputable ADR studio will have in its mic locker, as it is known as the standard LDC (large diaphragm condenser) recording mic for studio voiceover. This mic is known for its reliability, broad range and is generally found all over the world.

The best ADR studios in Burbank should also have the Sennheiser 416 shotgun mic–a standard ADR studio mic. This mic has a detailed on-axis address that helps to isolate any voice the mic is pointed at.

These two mics are paramount for any ADR studio in Burbank, CA to offer their clients. Many ADR studios find the U87 to be out of their price range, but the best studios treat them as the baseline for recording amazing audio. Most directors, post production coordinators, sound supervisors and other professionals even demand this mic as a prerequisite for working with ADR studios in Burbank. This mic is in demand because it is, hands down, the best built voiceover mics for film and television.

ultiple Voiceover Stages, Custom Built

The best ADR studios in Burbank should offer the ultimate experience by providing multiple voiceover stages, custom built for the highest quality dialogue recording. You should also ensure that ADR studios in burbank you are vetting have their own engineers trained on their own equipment with the skills to integrate multiple tools and platforms to achieve custom goals that projects can often bring. Finally, make sure the ADR studio has an impressive portfolio in working on well-known studio projects in film and TV, as well as narration and advertising projects.