Reviving Medical Tourism In Tijuana

The city of Tijuana is characterized by many things, like its multiculturalism, food, art, and the tourism that arises in this part of the northwest of the Mexican Republic. Although many believe that tourism in this part of the territory is based on visiting beautiful places and learning about the culture of the area, the reality is different. The tourism that leaves more money and more demand from visitors is, without a doubt, medical tourism.

This category of tourism is based on procedures focused on improving the well-being of the person through health services. Many people visit the city to perform some treatment, but the most successful in recent years and the one that attracts more foreign people is those focused on improving the appearance of individuals — mainly plastic surgeries.

If you walk through the streets of Tijuana, you will see a wide variety of doctors who are dedicated to this area, but just as there is a great variety, there is also a large percentage of doctors who do not have a specialization and sell people treatments that can only be performed by surgeons who have a proof and are associated within a company or organization that endorses the license of the doctor.

Due to this type of phony doctors, Tijuana has lived one of the stages with a more significant crisis in this sector, since tourists from different parts of Mexico and around the world visit this city to undergo an operation with the best surgeons. Unfortunately, they were faced with the unpleasant experience that the surgery was a farce. This caused different people who went to doctors who charged them cheaper, had more significant aesthetic problems, or contracted some disease that significantly damaged the health of the patient.

For a long time, Tijuana had to live with the bad reputation that the surgeons in this city were unprofessional. To continue to avoid damaging the image of those who had a license, different organizations decided to evaluate not only the documents of the surgeons but of all the doctors in the city. This was so that people could have the notion of which ones did have some specialty and which ones did not.

Since Tijuana wants to be distinguished by medical tourism, they have tried to clean up this lousy reputation that years ago had caused havoc in this sector. This is why the doctors were forced to have their professional certificate and writ framed within a visible area. In the same way, if they had a web page, they will attach within it the number of the certificate and specialization. On the other hand, health organizations must issue to the public and the Mexican Council of Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery and the Mexican Association of Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery, the facilities of the clinics are conditioned to perform procedures of this type.

Thanks to all the effort that has been implemented to improve the image of medical tourism, little by little people are returning to the city to undergo plastic surgery. The most common operations performed in Tijuana are: