The Dentistry Sector In 2019

This century has been a time full of changes and innovations in the dental sector; we have witnessed revolutionary tools that have improved the quality of treatments and the lives of patients. This year 2019 is full of changes that will be key to the departure of procedures that will significantly improve the methods employed by dentists.

Increase Of Dentists

One of the changes that has been noticed this year is the increase of women in the area of dentistry, now, there are more women interested in studying dentistry. Let’s remember that in this sector the presence of men was more predominant. And along with the growth of people interested in specializing in this sector also grows the number of schools (private and public) that offer this degree.

A few decades ago few Mexicans were interested in dental treatment, but over the years this trend has gradually disappeared, opening the opportunity for a considerable increase in Mexican patients since most of the dentists who are located in the Republic normally served more foreign people, especially Americans and Canadians. For example, in Tijuana 60% of the market is American and Mexican American, according to the newspaper El Sol de Tijuana.

Growth Of Franchises And Clinics

With the growing demand for dental services, the number of dental clinics and franchises in Mexico has increased, especially in those areas where the traffic of foreign patients is stronger, for example, in the border states. Due to this factor, clinics that only have one dentist have been losing profits and in order for this not to happen, they must resort to more innovative instruments, procedures and technology like dental software. Many graduates of dentistry bet more on franchises because they are already establishments that, in a certain way, already have a favorable reputation and have advanced equipment. Just as it is easier for people to invest in the business.

Implementation Of 3D Models

Technological innovations in the dental industry are increasingly requested by dentists because with these developments in the sector it is more reliable and easier for the patient to carry out treatment. The use of 3D impressions will predominate in this sector for the manufacture of implants, the production of casings, oral and maxillofacial surgery, among others. It is estimated that worldwide the use of 3D impressions will increase by 23%. The use of this technique allows the dentist a more approximate view of the results to be achieved, in other words, they serve as templates for the final treatment.

Digital Era

Accompanied by 3D impressions is digital technology, this advance allows the dentist and his team a better view of the oral cavity, allowing better treatments because with digital images is possible to rotate the image and visualize in a simpler way those parts that with traditional radiography is more complicated. The use of digitalization improves the efficiency of the treatments.

Methods Of Payment

Due to technological advances in the dental industry, dental procedures tend to increase in price, causing many people to be left out of treatment. For this reason, many clinics and franchises have employed a more effective form of payment that allows the population a more feasible possibility for the consumption of dental services. These payments are based on small monthly charges to be paid by the patient. This type of financing is a gain for both since the patient receives his treatment and the dentist recovers and wins the services provided.

These innovations and trends that have emerged will allow orthodontics in Tijuana and around the world to develop better techniques and provide better services to patients.