What Do Americans Look For The Most In Tijuana?

Tijuana is one of the most famous cities in Mexico and in fact according to an article in , La Capital, the city of Tijuana is one of the most visited borders in the world thanks to its first class hotel infrastructure, and its great restaurants where you can enjoy the exquisite regional dishes it has, because as is well-known one of the main attractions of the city is the food and that is where we can invent the famous BajaMed cuisine. According to an article in the famous Forbes magazine, BajaMed cuisine is attributed to the chef Miguel Ángel Guerrero, who recognizes this type of cuisine as “A cuisine with Mexican, Mediterranean influences and, like cherry pie, oriental, that’s BajaMed. 

It is no surprise that Tijuana is one of the most visited cities in the world and in fact those who most often visit this city are North Americans, due to its proximity to the United States, and among all the things the city has to offer there are some that are the cause of it being one of the most visited borders, especially by Americans. Of which we will talk a little more below. 

The party 

As we know well, Tijuana is well known for being a place where the party is big, because it has many bars and clubs where you can have a good time and there is one for everyone. One of the most famous places in the city is La Sexta located in the center of the city, which has a lot of bars of all kinds, from those who have billiards, those which are to dance, where to take shots, craft beer, among many others, depending on what kind of tastes you have. There is also La Plaza, which is in Zona del Río, which is literally an open-air square, where there are several local and each of them is a different local, where you can find all kinds of bars and places to dance, even karaoke, each with its own style and the best thing is that you can be changing place constantly because they are all in one place. 

This undoubtedly attracts many young Americans who want to have a good time in the company of their friends a weekend at night, and more to beer lovers, as Tijuana is known as the capital of craft beer, so anyone who likes the party and alcohol certainly wants to visit the city. 

Health and Dental Services 

In the United States health and dental services tend to have a very high cost, which leads people to look for places where they can be served for a lower price and that is more accessible, this leads many people to seek doctors in Tijuana and Tijuana dentists, because this type of services are much more accessible and affordable in this city, so many Americans are better off going to the city and saving large amounts of money and more if they require constant treatment. 


As already mentioned, food is another aspect that most attracts tourism to this small city, because most Americans love Mexican food, in addition to the fact that Tijuana has grown a lot gastronomically in recent years, which has led it to position itself as one of the places with the richest food in the country and that obviously attracts a large number of people to come to this city.