What Retail Brands Should Look for in Product Packaging Companies

Your ability to move product off retail shelves, hit your sales goals, and secure year-over-year growth is predicated by your ability to attract buyers to your product amongst the growing competition. This is where product packaging companies designing custom retail boxes step up to really improve your ability to increase sales and brand awareness. But how can brand managers, CEOs and internal marketing teams identify the call signs of true, high-quality product packaging companies? After all, nobody is going to admit to being “mediocre” or cutting corners.

This article is intended to help brand leaders identify the best product packaging companies that can help take their brand to the next level and increase sales by attracting and delighting consumers with creative, innovative packaging printing solutions.

The Best Product Packaging Companies Pair the Right Retail Boxes with the Right Products

There are a number of retail boxes brands can choose from, but the best product packaging companies will help retailers choose the box that best reflects their product, protects it, choose a packaging solution that resonates with the target buyer audiences, and one that makes financial sense. Types of retail boxes include:

  • Rigid boxes
  • Folding cartons
  • Litholam corrugate
  • Pop displays
  • Plastic / PET
  • Video boxes

Some retailers make the mistake of trying to improve their bottom line by opting for a cheaper packaging solution, but this can backfire and cost your company millions. For example, if your company makes art supplies and you have a line of low-cost colored pencils and you also sell the latest technology in high-end airbrush kits, it makes sense to package the air brush in a rigid box because it is highly durable and promoted luxury. Packaging common pencils in such a box would be an overkill; using a common, well-designed folding carton would be more ideal while packaging the luxurious airbrush in the high-profile rigid box. The best product packaging companies can work with your internal team to make sure the right retail packaging solutions are granted, with respect to your budget and sales goals.

Retail Box Engineers, Creative Designers and Brand Experts under One Roof

The best retail packaging companies have all their resources in-house. The last thing you need is to partner with a product packaging company that outsources to a second party to make prototypes. Often, disconnects occur, mistakes are more prone, and delays are commonplace in such a scenario. Make sure the product packaging companies you consider working with have all their team members working in house, closely collaborating together, with a project manager overseeing the entire production and who keeps close tabs with your internal team.