What to Look for in NJ Oil Tank Removal Companies for Commercial Properties

If you own a commercial property in New Jersey, you may or not be aware of the hidden dangers of buried oil tanks on your property, and the threat they pose.

At the turn of the century, oil tanks were buried on residential and commercial properties alike all over the state of New Jersey and other states on the east coast as a way to provide heat to interior structures. The oil tanks allowed people to run heaters and heat water. However, they were only designed to last about 100 years, as they deteriorate into the ground and cause severe soil contamination, groundwater contamination, and release harmful toxins into the environment–many of which harm wildlife and even people.  This is why it is vital to call NJ oil tank removal companies for commercial properties to come do an oil tank sweep, oil tank detection, and safely remove and dispose of the oil tank without any additional harm being inflicted.

This article is intended to help business owners find the best commercial oil tank removal companies that can help protect their business, employees and ensure their property value is kept intact.

Find a Commercial Oil Tank Removal Company in NJ with the Right Certifications

It is important to find a commercial oil tank removal company in NJ that holds all the right certifications. In many cases, insurance policies won’t cover damage caused by oil removal services executed by people who aren’t certified. Here are some of the standard certifications you should expect from any oil removal NJ company for commercial properties:

  • NJ Business Registration
  • NJ Division of Consumer Affairs
  • NJ Division of Property Management & Construction
  • NJ DOT
  • NJ Employee Information Report
  • NJ Public Works Registration
  • NJ Schools Development
  • NJ Small business Enterprise
  • NJ Solid Waste Transporter
  • NJ DEP (UST)
  • Pennsylvania Waste Transporter
  • Pennsylvania Company Tank Certificate
  • NJ Weights & Measures

When you can find a commercial oil tank removal NJ company that holds all of these certifications, you can rest assured knowing that everything is being done safely, legally, and you are covered.

How Long Has the Commercial Oil Tank Removal Company Been in Business in New Jersey?

Oil tank removal companies with sloppy records don’t last. So when you can find one that’s been in business for multiple decades, you know you have the best of the best. But what is their local history? Finding an oil tank removal NJ company that’s truly local is just as important, as any company can create local services pages on their website, but this doesn’t make them a true local expert to the way regional oil tanks have historically been installed. For example, TSlack is  located in Kenilworth, New Jersey right on Market street, they are a family owned business, and have been in business since 1982. With more than 30 years of local experience, oil tank removal companies for commercial properties like this one set the bar high for reliability and excellence. Whether you seek environmental construction, soil remediation, oil tank detection, or full oil tank removal services, be sure to partner with a local pro that stands behind their successful history and certifications.