Why Case Construction is the Most Trusted Construction Machinery in the Industry

City planners. Home builders, urban developers, and construction firms will be the first groups to admit that the core of their productivity resides in construction machinery. These vehicles are the workhorses and heavy lifters that help make otherwise complex jobs, simple and timely. Keeping this in mind, it is imperative for organizations to find the most reliable backhoes, dozers and other vehicles to keep things running smoothly. And there are many reasons why Case construction vehicles are the number one preferred brand in the industry.  This article will explore the various reasons why fleet managers and other like minded roles partner with Case construction machinery above all others.

Case Construction Didn’t Just Raise the Bar, they Created It

It goes without saying that construction vehicles for sale need to be designed to tackle multiple jobs, while being reliable, and running in a timely proficient manner. Case backhoes for sale prove the brand is the leader in this space. Case designed the first fully integrated backhoe loader, and as a result they know how to engineer construction vehicles as solutions to the biggest problems while setting a very high standard and positioning themselves as a pioneering force. For example, Case backhoes have the highest lifting capacity and the best breakout force. The Case Tier 4 Final N Series backhoes are known as the most versatile construction machinery in the industry. They are designed to power through excavating, craning, grading, removing snow or loading making them a must-have piece of construction machinery for any job. And because Case invented them, fleet managers trust the brand above all others.

The Best Service Resides in Case Construction Dealerships

Maximizing your uptime is everything. And fleet managers choose Case construction equipment for this reason. With Case construction machines you enjoy same-day parts delivery, on-site service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. In addition, Case has its own class of certified Master Technicians–a title that doesn’t come easy. Case construction technicians undergo rigorous training and testing to be Case experts who have intimate knowledge of all Case machines. From troubleshooting a complex situation to find the most efficient and cost-effective solution, to maintaining vehicles, as well as providing custom solutions to help increase performance, Case construction technicians are the best in the business. In addition, all vehicles are thoroughly cleaned and primed before they are delivered.

Finally, part of offering maximum uptime to clients means access to a fleet of rentals when machines are undergoing repairs. Case construction machinery has a massive inventory of top-working construction vehicles boasting various models and specs that include length, width, height and dig depth. Case construction machinery provides all types and specs of construction vehicles around the clock to ensure your projects remain on the road.