Why French Restaurants are Popular Austin Lunch Spots

If you are searching for popular Austin lunch spots, you are in the right city, as it offers so many eclectic options, but that said, too many choices can make your goal very challenging. Finding the right Austin lunch spots can be an easier if you get your priorities right. First, think of a cuisine type that’s appropriate for your lunch. Currently, French restaurants are growing in popularity for popular Austin lunch spots because they hot on so many requirements, and are suitable for all occasions. Simply put, French restaurants are popular Austin lunch spots because the cuisine is decadent for special occasions, and playfully unordinary for fun casual lunches. This article will help readers consider French restaurants as options for Austin lunch spots while offering tips on finding the best French restaurants Austin has to offer.

The Best French Restaurant Austin Lunch Spots Offer Plates for All Dietary Needs

The best French restaurants Austin offers will not only serve decadent meals, but provide dish choices for most dietary needs. When looking for French restaurant Austin lunch spots, make sure the menu is suitable for meat-eaters and vegetarians alike. A good vegetarian soup such as lentil is a classic French option, along onion soup (just make sure to ask if the broth has beef in it). A good French restaurant in Austin will have proper salads using local greens. To ensure the salad truly reflects French food, fresh fennel, pickled cucumber, herbs and a champagne vinaigrette should be offered.

There should be classic dishes with a twist to accommodate vegetarian diners. A good cheese board with recommended wine pairings is a must, and a truly great Austin lunch spot that serves French food will offer dishes like choux, white bean tartine and for pescetarians offer various fish entrees like salmon poele and trout almondine. The Austin French restaurant should also offer  oysters, escargot, and mussels with a delicate broth. For meat eaters a good burger with a French spin is a rare treat. Chicken paillard is a good, classic French dish ideal for Austin lunch spots for people who want something above the norm. But there should also be options like grilled ham sandwiches prepared to French taste, as well as steak with fries and an au jus.

Good French Restaurants for Austin Lunch Spots Have an Exceptional Wine List

A glass of wine with your lunch is a good thing! So when considering French restaurant Austin lunch spots, take a look at their wine list, or ask questions. Make sure there is a great variety of pink, white and red wine to choose from. There should be some nice Chardonnays like Marcel Cabelier, Taittinger, and H Billiot. Reds should include great pinot noirs like a Daniel Rion, Domaine Bellene and an Alain Berguit. Look for white wine selections that offer great Sauvignon Blancs such as Joseph Mellot, Jean-Francois Merieau, and Castle Suduiraut.

Do your research; find an amazing French restaurant Austin lunch spot and share amazing cuisine with friends, family or co-workers. And don’t forget to finish it all off with French pastries and authentic espresso!