Why Oil Tank Removal and Soil Remediation Services are Important for NJ Homeowners

Being a homeowner in NJ has a number of benefits. The state is beautiful and lush with greenery while offering four seasons, and it is within close proximity to New York City. As a result, many flock to New Jersey to own a home and raise their families. But there are hidden dangers that plague the lives of NJ homeowners that not many people are aware of: buried oil tanks and the dangers they pose. This article is intended to help homeowners understand why oil tank removal and soil remediation services in New Jersey are vital to ensuring families are safe from legal and health problems.

Why NJ Oil tank Removal Services Matter to Homeowners

Back at the turn of the century, oil tanks were used to provide heating to homes. They were buried on properties to not only keep a home’s inhabitants warm, but to also facilitate cooking and warm water for bathing. The problem is that these oil tanks were made to last for 80 to 100 years before deteriorating. So if homeowners have a house that dates back to the turn of the century (New Jersey has many historical homes) or if new homes were built on land that was once occupied by an older home, chances are high you have a buried oil tank, and likely high you need soil remediation services, or will require this service in due time.

Oil Tank Removal NJ Services can Save Homeowners Thousands

All it takes is for an oil tank to leak petroleum into the ground and the Federal Government and state can hold you liable for being negligent. Even if you had no prior knowledge, simply having an oil tank on your property leaves you taking all the responsibility. This is why NJ homeowners should have oil tank removal companies come to their homes to perform oil tank sweeps and detection services. Otherwise, a tank can deteriorate, leak petroleum, and pollute groundwater, contaminate soil, and pose an environmental threat that results in a heavy fine.

Soil Remediation for Leaking Oil Tanks

Once an oil tank removal company has detected a leaking tank, the object must be removed and disposed of before soil remediation services can be performed. Often, soil samples will be sent to labs to determine the extent of the damage. This information, coupled with the type of soil and ground hardness will determine the type of soil remediation and its approach.

Oil Tank Removal Protects Your Home’s Resale Value with Oil Tank Sweep NJ Services

If you can present a certificate from a NJ oil tank removal company stating your property is safe from a leaking oil tank, buyers will have more of an incentive to pay full asking price for your home. Nobody wants to buy land occupying an older home and take on the risk of a buried oil tank. By calling an oil tank removal company to perform oil tank sweep NJ services, you can get a certificate stating your land is free from oil tanks, this giving your buyers peace of mind and a reason to pay full asking price on a guaranteed home.